The objective of this non-profit organization is to furnish encouragement and assistance in the development of the Unit and thus afford fraternization for recreational vehicle owners; to encourage safe driving and assist in improving the general welfare of the recreational vehicle public through assistance and active participation of all its members in building a strong organization for the betterment of good will toward recreational vehicle travel; to coordinate with and participate in the interests and activities of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International and the Region 2; to cooperate with other organizations and units within our sphere which are seeking to elevate the standards and ethics of the various groups; to disseminate information of an advisory and educational nature which will be of value to its members and the public; to study, advise and recommend legislation which is in the interest of the recreational vehicle public; and to encourage government and private agencies to provide more and better recreational parks and facilities.
  • President : Bill Woodford
  • Past President:  Alan Kenney
  • 1st V. President : Mary Wilson
  • 2nd V. President:  Sue Flesch
  • Secretary : Mark Wilson
  • Treasurer : Eunice Noderer
  • Director : Doug Field
  • Director : Laura Lilawski
  • Director : Mike Lilawski